Sexual Abuse

Sadly, sexual assaults and abuse of children happen all too often. The statistics are staggering – one in four girls and one in six boys are sexually abused as children. The damages are long lasting, devastating, and can ruin lives. Sexual molestation that occurs during childhood can leave victims with severe psychological and physical damage. Reporting the abuse can be extremely difficult for these victims as they are often afraid or ashamed or they have their reports questioned, or worse–ignored.

Pending Pennsylvania legislation would allow victims of childhood sexual abuse an extended time within which to bring their claims. Similar legislation is pending in New York and being considered in other states as well. This April, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed House Bill 1947, which would give survivors of sexual abuse until their 50th birthday to bring civil actions against their abusers and the institutions responsible for their abuse. This legislation is similar to legislation enacted in 2007 in Delaware and upheld as constitutional by the Delaware Supreme Court. It would greatly contribute to the healing of survivors of sexual abuse. This is especially true because when children are abused, they often do not report it for years and by then their ability to seek justice has closed.

Our attorneys have experience representing victims and survivors of childhood sexual abuse cases. Together with our co-counsel, Lou D’Onofrio, represented survivors of sexual abuse who were able to bring their claims whose claims because of the 2007 Delaware law. These included cases against individuals and institutions, such as Catholic churches, other churches, public and private schools, and doctors.

We have found that often, survivors of sexual abuse are empowered by being able to finally expose and hold their abusers and the institutions that enabled them accountable through the legal process. Our clients have told us that litigation can assist in the healing process for survivors. In other courts, victims have even been permitted child abuse survivors to proceed under a different name in many cases.

If you have been sexually abused or sexually assaulted, please call us for a free, confidential consultation to discuss your legal rights and get the compensation and justice you deserve. Even if your abuse occurred years ago, you may still have legal rights. No matter how long ago the abuse occurred, you may still have legal rights. Our attorneys and staff understand that it can be difficult and painful to come forward, and we are experienced and understanding.

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