Local Counsel Services

The D’Onofrio Firm frequently serves as local counsel for law firms and attorneys located outside of the mid-Atlantic region. With attorneys licensed in the federal and state courts in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, The D’Onofrio Firm is uniquely qualified to serve as your local counsel.

We have assisted law firms around the country, large and small, in various client matters including mass torts, pharmaceutical and medical device litigations, singular personal injury cases, maritime cases and even select commercial matters. Other law firms choose to work with The D’Onofrio Firm because of our impeccable reputation; our intimate knowledge of state and local rules, practices and procedures; and our unwavering commitment to the clients and law firms that we serve.

The D’Onofrio Firm has the flexibility to serve in various capacities as local counsel or co-counsel and to conform its role to satisfy the needs of each out-of-state firm with whom we work. Our experienced attorneys are often called upon to take an active role in litigations and are available to participate in depositions, hearings, mediations and trials as well as in the preparation and drafting of substantive legal documents, motions and briefs.

Contact The D’Onofrio Firm to learn how our local counsel services can benefit you and your clients.