Wills, Trusts and Estate Planning

The D’Onofrio Firm represents individuals and families in a wide range of matters, including estate planning. Estate planning gives peace of mind to you, your loved ones and those who will have the responsibility to carry out your wishes.

Effective estate planning is not a one-size fits all exercise; it is customized for each client by an experienced attorney. We help our clients develop an estate planning strategy that will protect their assets and ensure that their wishes are protected and carried out. After evaluating your individual and family circumstances, we will recommend a plan that helps you reach your goals and overcome your concerns. Your estate plan may include: drafting or updating a will; choosing an executor; creating a trust; providing care of for a disabled child; naming a financial (durable) power of attorney or a health care power of attorney; and/or creating an advance directive for health care (also known as a “living will”).

As your life evolves, so may your estate plan. You may want to update your will throughout your life. We can help you address and plan for changes in your family or financial situation.

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